Estimating Costs and Allocating Resources for an ID Project

I found a great blog  at instructional design village  that provided great links to a cost assessment tool and insight on how to calculate duration, which is what MS Project uses to assign resources. As I get more of my clients used to formally using Instructional Design (ID) for training programs this site will be helpful to use as I calculate cost assessments. I will need those cost assessments to track the return on investment (ROI) in level 4 evaluations as I provide clients with data to support continued use of the Instructional Designers for training projects.

In addition the site had some links to additional useful tools for estimating cost and effort. The site also provided information on a template to help estimate activity duration. This will be helpful in setting realistic timelines for some Web Based Training (WBT) as this is a new medium for me to work and I am not as comfortable estimating the duration on my own. In addition if I need data on the different durations between an Instructor Led Training (ILT) and a WBT for a client looking for options, this tool will provide me good support in calculating that data.

It was interesting to me, searching for blogs and message boards related to this topic instead of trying to find articles. What I liked is that the bloggers had used these tools as instructional designers and found them helpful. This assignment provided me a resource I had not thought of before, to look specifically for blogs and message boards in my searches, as a continuation of accessing the ID community for online support. I subscribe to a number of blogs belonging to other instructional designers but I had never thought to specifically search for content in a blog this way.

I am looking forward to using it more often in the future.




One thought on “Estimating Costs and Allocating Resources for an ID Project

  1. Amy,

    Thanks for the links. I used the Microsoft project tips and tricks section while building my Gantt chart in Project Libre. I wanted to learn a free tool that I could continue to use after this class was over. I was surprised in the amount of functionality that was similar about the products. ProjectLibre has a few more bugs and it is not as pretty looking, but it accomplished the task. If you have not checked it out, you may find it a great tool.


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